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Information for the 2018 Tour coming later this summer.


2017 Open Studios – Botetourt Members


Lois Bisese (showing with Vera Dickerson this year!)

Lois Bisese lives on her family’s farm, nestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains, with her two daughters and husband of 18 years. Lois has surrounded herself with art, color and gardens.

The beauty around Bisese, along with the joyfulness of life, supply her with inspiration for creating designs in metals that become wearable art.

Lois Bisese



Edward Bordett

As a painter and printmaker, Edward Bordett lives and work in Fincastle. Bordett’s studio/gallery is located at 5 East Main St in an old Oldsmobile dealership. Located inside is gallery space, as well as studio areas, for painting and printmaking. Ed works in Silkscreen print-making and Mono printing. Bordett also paints using oil and watercolor. Ed’s work depicts urban and small subjects. The work focuses on architecture with great emphasis on geometric shapes and patterns. Bordett’s work can be seen at The Market Gallery in Roanoke and at Artists in Cahoots in Lexington. If interested in a visit to the studio, please contact Ed Bordett directly.

Ed Bordett

5 East Main St

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 797-6220




Nancy Dahlstrom

Nancy Dahlstrom feels lucky to have an art studio behind her house, where she can spend hours looking at the landscape and making art works.

Dahlstrom’s artwork is inspired by the beauty of nature, by the many plants in her gardens, and by the Botetourt landscape. She was a professor of art at Hollins University for 40 years, and her artwork has been exhibited extensively in the United States and abroad. The recipient of many awards, she was honored in 2011 by the Arts Council of the Blue Ridge, Roanoke, Virginia, with the Perry F. Kendig Award for Outstanding Visual Artist, for her contributions to the local arts community.

Sketchbook and camera in hand, Nancy Dahlstrom has traveled to France, Norway, Scotland, Greece, Malaysia, and along the length of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, journeys which exposed her to works of art and artists throughout these regions. Upon returning from these travels, she produced artwork based on her experiences.

Nancy Dahlstrom

1608 Springwood Road

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 473-2686



Vera Dickerson

Since early childhood, art has been a part of Vera Dickerson’s life. Academic training played an important part early on,when Vera studied painting and American art history, and she received a MFA from American University.

Dickerson says that studio time brings both joy and frustration, but ultimately, it fills a need to create, to turn ideas into images and to sometimes share her sense of humor with others.

Art is not created in a vacuum, so sharing is important to Vera. Her love of pattern, and the excitement she feels when working with glorious color relations, brings happiness whenever she paints.

Dickerson lives in Botetourt County with assorted cats. Her work has received awards in International exhibitions and is in collections throughout the United States and in Europe. She has been elected to signature status in American and National Watercolor Societies.

Vera Dickerson

148 W. Arrowhead Court

Troutville, VA  24175

(540) 992-6585




Brett LaGue

Each of Brett LaGue’s paintings and drawings present a record of the artworks’ creation, compressed onto canvas or paper. Brett focuses on sharing, in one document, a work’s beginning, progress and completion—plus the outside elements that influenced it all—made visible for his audience. The eraser is his least favorite tool.

Whether LaGue is painting plein-air (painting outdoors on location), where he is surrounded by the elements of nature, or in the studio where artificial light and noise are dominant, those elements influence the energy of a work and Brett’s technical approach. This makes the emotional feel of each artwork unique.

Born in Indiana and growing up in Florida, LaGue is an honors graduate from Ringling School of Art & Design (Now Ringling College of Art + Design) in Sarasota Florida, then moved to Virginia after graduation to pursue a career in graphic design and illustration. Now a full-time artist, Brett lives in Fincastle with his lovely wife and a crazy eight-pound mixed terrier.

Brett LaGue’s studio is open by chance or appointment.

Brett LaGue

5 East Main St

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 797-4492

Email: brett@brettlague.com

Website: brettlague.com


Willie Simmons

Willie Simmons roots in Botetourt County go back for generations. Willie’s father was a woodworker and made many pieces of furniture for local residents. Simmons has been turning for over twenty years, producing both architectural and functional pieces. Willie want his work to be as useful as it is attractive. Simmons uses local woods whenever possible. Willie is also willing to use your own wood, to create something you can cherish forever.

Willie Simmons’ shop is open by chance or appointment.

Willie Simmons

329 Botetourt Road

Fincastle, VA  24090


Email: wpsimmons@aol.com


Mark Rader Woodie

Mark Rader Woodie was born and grew up in Botetourt County. Mark lived beside his Grandfather’s farm where he was always free to roam the beautiful landscape, witness the changing of the seasons and the wildlife that lived there. Woodie has always drawn pictures and made things with his hands. That may not make everyone an artist, but that’s what Mark turned out to be.

When Woodie graduated from Lord Botetourt High School in 1972, instead of going to a small college and playing football, he went to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and majored in Painting and Print Making, graduating from VCU in 1976. Two years later Mark earned a Master of Art and Liberal Studies degree from Hollins College.

For many years Woodie traveled to art shows (festivals) and showed his work in various galleries. When marriage and the children came along, Mark went back to school and obtained his license to teach. Woodie taught various stints at both high schools in Botetourt County and has recently retired from teaching art, after one last year of teaching at Central Academy Middle School, in 2016.

Now Woodie is doing what he felt he should have been doing his whole life — Making Art.

Mark Rader Woodie’s home and studio are located in Troutville VA, where he lives with his beautiful wife. The studio is open by appointment.

Mark Rader Woodie

149 Dale Road

Troutville VA 24175

(540) 992-3509





2017 Open Studios – Botetourt Guests


Bill Divers (showing with Willie Simmons)

Bill Divers has been working in stoneware clay since 1975, attending approximately 25 craft shows each year. Divers sold his wind chimes and plaques for seven years. Then, for the last 30 years, he has offered his unique hand crafted ornaments to collectors.

Bill Divers




David Jermann

David Jermann has always been a realist painter and works exclusively in oils. Drawings are executed in graphite, sometimes on toned paper with white charcoal highlights. He has extensive professional experience doing illustration, murals, portraits, fine art commissions, and even decorative painting, all in addition to producing a steady stream of his own creative work. He is currently one of a number of featured “Living Masters” of the Art Renewal Center, a foundation dedicated to the realist tradition. As for the future, David intends to focus primarily on figurative work, producing both drawings and paintings from the live model.

David Jermann

The North Light Studio

9 Borden Run Road

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 473-3456




Dan Jones

Dan Jones has lived in Botetourt County almost his entire life. The beauty of the county and surrounding mountains are what keeps him here. Jones’ home is about 2 miles west of Fincastle off Blacksburg Road and you will quickly see his main inspiration for landscape and nature photography when you drive up to the house.

An ever-changing light surrounds Dan’s home as the seasons march through and provide tranquility and joy. Jones loves to travel with his wife and photograph new surroundings but he always come home to this region for new inspiration, new light, and new seasons.

Dan hopes you can come and view his process, from the shutter stopping time to the final output and printing of the digital image. Also ask about his new technique in using an image printed directly onto an aluminum sheet — giving it unparalleled brilliance and hue. It also creates a image with longevity and a virtually indestructible surface. Currently Jones’ work is exhibited at Gallery by the James, in Buchanan, Va.

Dan Jones

1069 Sprinkle Road

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 580-3713




Judith F. Lochbrunner

“Not your average garden” continues to be the theme woven through all Judith F. Lochbrunner’s art pieces. Inspiration starts in the gardens and continues to the views framed by those spaces. Judy’s art expresses that “something” whether it is unexpected, exciting or even amusing but certainly never bland.

After many moves in several states, Lochbrunner has firmly settled in the mountains of Western Virginia. Relocations demanded creativity and flexibility. Judy squeezed in each community’s art opportunities in between all the other demands of life. She enrolled in college art courses in Texas, studied art at a center in Vermont and attended classes and workshops with private teachers in Massachusetts.

Lochbrunner focused at times on oil painting, printmaking, hand-built sculptures, watercolor and finally back to her first love: water media. While it was not exactly the casein which she used as a teenager, Vera Dickerson directed her to acrylics soon after arriving in the Roanoke area.

Judith F. Lochbrunner

42 Stone Coal Road

Troutville, VA 2417

(540) 293-9642




Julia Wesson (showing with Willie Simmons)

Together with friends and family, Julia Wesson up-cycles, repurposes, and hand crafts jewelry, hand-bags, and home accessories reminiscent of nostalgic times and styles.

Their work combines sparkling embellishments, with stones, leather, and chain. Every piece has an updated reference to a popular style of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s.

For the 2017 Open Studio tour, Wesson will offer both lady-like and chunkier pieces, suitable for Holiday festivities or everyday wear. Unisex pieces will also be offered, including leather bracelets and necklaces.

Bead embroidery, inspired by traditional embellishment techniques, will be featured in a variety of bracelets, necklaces, small hand-bags.

To see styles, please visit her website.

Julia Wesson













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