Meet the Artists


Let’s all stay safe. Please remember that many of the artist’s studios are in their homes.

Open Studios – Botetourt Artists for 2021 list to come.

2020 Open Studios – Botetourt lineup:

Edward Bordett

As a painter and printmaker, Edward Bordett lives and work in Fincastle. Bordett’s studio/gallery is located at 5 East Main St in an old Oldsmobile dealership. Located inside is gallery space, as well as studio areas, for painting and printmaking. Ed works in Silkscreen print-making and Mono printing. Bordett also paints using oil and watercolor. Ed’s work depicts urban and small subjects. The work focuses on architecture with great emphasis on geometric shapes and patterns. Bordett’s work can be seen at The Market Gallery in Roanoke and at Artists in Cahoots in Lexington. If interested in a visit to the studio, please contact Ed Bordett directly.

Edward Bordett

5 East Main Street

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 797-6220

Vera Dickerson

Since early childhood, art has been a part of Vera Dickerson’s life. Academic training played an important part early on,when Vera studied painting and American art history, and she received a MFA from American University.

Dickerson says that studio time brings both joy and frustration, but ultimately, it fills a need to create, to turn ideas into images and to sometimes share her sense of humor with others.

Art is not created in a vacuum, so sharing is important to Vera. Her love of pattern, and the excitement she feels when working with glorious color relations, brings happiness whenever she paints.

Dickerson lives in Botetourt County with assorted cats. Her work has received awards in International exhibitions and is in collections throughout the United States and in Europe. She has been elected to signature status in American and National Watercolor Societies.

Vera Dickerson

148 W. Arrowhead Court

Troutville, VA  24175

(540) 992-6585

Amy D. Herzel

Mrs. Amy D. Herzel has exhibited work for the past twenty years. Her drawings and prints have been shown in Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. She trained as a painter and printmaker at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and went on to receive her M.Ed. in Art Education at the Tyler School of Art.

She is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, designer, educator and writer.  She identifies as a very American middle class, middle age, married mother of two. In addition, as a Korean American adoptee raised in New York and now raising her sons in rural Southwest Virginia. With a husband in Afghanistan, she manages the American maelstrom with as much grace, humor and optimism as possible.  When all else fails, her Art is her maxim and the golden thread in this maze of absurdity called life. She currently lives and works in Blue Ridge, Virginia.

1138 Mountain Pass Road

Blue Ridge, VA 24064

Dan Jones

Dan Jones and his wife Charlotte are life long natives of Botetourt County. They live on a farm several miles west of Fincastle off Blacksburg Road. The view from their deck is the mountains between Fincastle and Craig County. And the view is exactly what a photographer considers the holy grail of photography—that is, ever changing seasons and ever changing light which provide tranquility and inspiration. They also have traveled extensively both in the states and Europe with the goal of seeing new sights and getting new inspiration. And once back home, Dan heads to his studio overlooking the mountains to create new photographic endeavors. A newer pursuit is printing the photos directly on aluminum sheets giving the photo an unparalleled brilliance and hue and longevity.

Dan is represented by the Green Door Gallery in Troutville/Daleville. His work has won national awards and is exhibited in board rooms, homes, magazines, books, and on line. He also shows his art in shows by whim or moments of insanity.

Dan Jones

1069 Sprinkle Road

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 580-3713

Brett LaGue

Currently, Brett’s home, studio and garden are in Fincastle, Virginia – where everywhere you look is a scene waiting to be shared.

Born in Indiana and growing up in Florida, Brett has spent countless hours wandering woods, fields, along riverbanks and at the beach. After wearing out several pairs of flip-flops while attending Ringling School of Art & Design (Now Ringling College of Art + Design) in Sarasota Florida, he graduated with honors in graphic design & illustration.

Looking for that first job, Brett discovered the beauty of Virginia. Twenty-five plus years of Brett’s pursuing a career in advertising eventually led to becoming an artist full-time. He has exhibited in solo and group presentations, art festivals and plein air competitions. In 2019, he served as judge of Plein Air Floyd, an outdoor painting competition, show and sale.

Brett’s work can be found in collections across the United States as well as in England and France, and he am a recipient of a professional fellowship grant from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Brett LaGue

5 East Main Street

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 797-4492

Judith F. Lochbrunner

Besides Judy’s passion for art, one thing that has held true no matter where she has lived is her love of gardening. “I’m a bit of a fanatical gardener”, she explains. “You can tell how long I’ve lived on a piece of property by how many gardens there are because I’ll start out with one, then I’ll add another, then another.”

For Judy, the connection between gardening and artwork runs deep. “A lot of artists are gardeners,” she continues, “They seem to be compatible. We like designing spaces, no matter where they’re at. Really it’s the gardens that inspire me. I’ve always liked to paint flowers and outdoor scenes”

Judith F. Lochbrunner

42 Stone Coal Road

Troutville, VA 2417

(540) 293-9642

Willie Simmons

Note: Willie will be unavailable for the 2020 tour due to a minor last minute personal injury. Please visit him at a later date.

Willie Simmons’ roots in Botetourt County go back for generations. Willie’s father was a woodworker and made many pieces of furniture for local residents. Simmons has been turning for over twenty years, producing both architectural and functional pieces. Willie want his work to be as useful as it is attractive. Simmons uses local woods whenever possible. Willie is also willing to use your own wood, to create something you can cherish forever.

Willie Simmons’ shop is open by chance or appointment.

Willie Simmons

329 Botetourt Road

Fincastle, VA  24090


Mark Rader Woodie

I was born and grew up in Botetourt County. We lived beside my Grandfather’s farm where I was always free to roam the beautiful landscape, witness the changing of the seasons and the wildlife that lived there. I have always drawn pictures and made things with my hands. I don’t know if that makes you an artist, but that’s what I turned out to be.

When I graduated from Lord Botetourt High School in 1972, instead of going to a small college and playing football, I went to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and majored in Painting and Print Making. I graduated from VCU in 1976. Two years later I earned a Master of Art and Liberal Studies degree from Hollins College.

For many years I traveled to art shows (festivals), showed my work in galleries in various places. When marriage and the children came along, I went back to school and obtained a license to teach. I taught various stints at both high schools in Botetourt County and have just retired from teaching art after being at Central Academy Middle School in 2016.

Now… finally as an old man, I am doing what I should have been doing my whole life, Making Art.

My studio is located at 149 Dale Road in Troutville VA where I live with my beautiful wife, Leslie. My studio is open by appointment.

Mark Rader Woodie

149 Dale Road

Troutville VA 24175

(540) 597-0558

Open Studios – Botetourt Guests

Courtney Cronin (showing with Vera Dickerson)

I love color, bright ones, and shapes of all sizes. Using acrylics,I paint abstractly and intuitively to convey the beauty and happiness that surrounds us.

Dan Henderson

A cynic once said – only a few years after photography had been invented – that every picture that could be taken already had been. I suppose that on some very fundamental and unimaginative level there might be some validity to the statement. Rocks are rocks, trees are trees, the human form is the human form. But if it were really true, photography – and art in general – would have gone extinct long ago. If pictures were that duplicative or even that derivative, most creative people would quickly lose interest in making art. I know that I certainly would not be motivated to get up before dawn, or in the middle of the night, or go out in the rain or cold or sometimes into potentially dangerous places to make pictures.

Sometimes I see something so compelling or so beautiful that it just needs to be photographed as it is. But often it is more – or less – than the thing itself; the rock or the mountain, the tree or the forest. What interests me are the nuances, the details
that others might not notice. How light and shadow sculpt the subject. The effect of time of day, of season of the year, how the atmosphere changes the subject. It is seeing something in a new or different way. It is eliminating distracting elements, sometimes just capturing lines or shapes or form. Occasionally it is finding a way to create an abstraction of something familiar in the hope of causing the viewer to think about what he or she is seeing.

I think that ten creative photographers could be asked to make a photograph of the same thing and would produce ten unique photographs. I also think that one creative photographer could photograph the same thing or place at ten different times and also produce ten unique photographs. That is my aspiration as a
photographer: to find my own pictures; to express myself a little differently than others. It is what drew me to photography. It is what compelled me to learn everything that I could about photography, and what drives me to continue improving my craft and my vision.

187 Oak Drive

Blue Ridge, Virginia 24064


Mary Anne Meador (showing with Judith F. Lochbrunner)

Since 1999, I have been active in art organizations and participating in art workshops and art  activities including plein air painting where I enjoy catching the essence of life happening wherever it may be.  I am an active plein air painter and enjoy working with my shops and galleries to keep fresh new art on hand.  My art can be viewed on my website.

My work has been shown in galleries and retail shops in Virginia and North Carolina. My art is in private collections across the USA  and corporate collections in Virginia and North Carolina.

Elliott Muncey, Caldwell Mountain Copper (showing at Caldwell Mountain Copper shop)

Elliott Muncey was born and raised in Fincastle, VA. He married his high-school sweetheart, Laura, in 2005 and they settled down in Botetourt County where they have continued to raise their two children.

He began working with copper in 2006, trained by Porter Caldwell. He worked with Porter to learn aspects of coppersmithing and tricks of the trade. They were blessed to inherit the business from the Caldwells in 2018.

Through the years, Elliott has mastered his craft and created countless pieces. He uses the “old-timey” methods of hand-crafting each piece, with most machines being hand crank or just hand tools. Apple butter kettles and stands, washtubs, foot tubs, and buckets are his main focus. He has done countless custom pieces, as well, like kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and much more. Elliott is always willing to create new items and has an eye for being able to “see” the way things need to be done. He continues to carry the coppersmithing legacy forward.

2391 Lee’s Gap Road

Fincastle, VA 24090


Robin Poteet (showing with Vera Dickerson)

Robin Poteet became mesmerized with watercolor many years ago, when she first laid brush


to paper. Today, she is still in awe of that media. Watercolor has taught her patience, timing and humility, and it has served as a reminder that being in control doesn’t always yield a good painting.

Robin honed her skills through years of working as a graphic designer / illustrator for national furniture companies and celebrity designers. Currently, she devotes her time to painting, teaching, exhibiting, jurying, and co-leading annual painting trips with Vera Dickerson.

Watercolor Artist Magazine named Robin one of their national Ten to Watch (Dec. 2010 issue), and since, she has been featured in several more national magazines and books and has received numerous awards.

She is a watercolor instructor at The Studio School in Roanoke and has a working studio space / gallery at 9 Library Square in Salem, where she’s delighted to have visitors.

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