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Information for the 2017 Tour coming later this summer.

Artists from the 2016 Tour:

Edward Bordett
EdB_2016_sAs a painter and printmaker, I live and work in Fincastle. My studio/gallery is located at 5 East Main St in an old Oldsmobile dealership. Located inside is gallery space as well as studio areas for painting and printmaking. I work in Silkscreen print-making and Mono printing. I  also paint using oil and watercolor.  My work depicts urban and small subjects. The work focuses on architecture with great emphasis on geometric shapes and patterns. My work can be seen at The Market Gallery in Roanoke and at Artists in Cahoots in Lexington. If interested in a visit to the studio please contact me.

Ed Bordett

5 East Main St

Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 797-6220

Email: ebordett@aol.com

Website: www.edbordett.com


Vera Dickerson 


Since early childhood art has been a part of Vera’s life. Academic training was an important part of early life,when Vera studied painting and American art history, and she received a MFA from American University.

She says that studio time brings both joy and frustration, but ultimately, it fills a need to create, to ideas into images and to sometimes share her sense of humor with others.

Art is not created in a vacuum, so sharing is important to Vera.

Her love of pattern, and the excitement she feels when working with glorious color relations, brings happiness whenever she paints.

Vera and her husband Bob live in Botetourt Co with assorted cats. Her work has received awards in International exhibitions and is in collections throughout the United States and in Europe. She has been elected to signature status in American and National Watercolor Societies.

Vera Dickerson

148 W. Arrowhead Court

Troutville, VA  24175


Email: Vera.dickerson@me.com

Website: www.veradickerson.com


Dreama Kattenbraker 

Dreama_2016PullingStrings_webI am a collector of stories and words. Myth, fairy tales, stories: old, modern and evolving are my creative inspirations. My favorite sources of story: books, very young children, and the elderly. These versions are pure of heart and magic-filled, and wise. Transforming stories into images feeds my spirit and connects me to community. I find it joyful and healing to unravel and convert societal assumptions, traditions, or literal translations back into Mystery. Moving between ceramic, paper clay, glaze, paint, pencil, collage, resin, encaustic, assemblage of created/found objects is fiercely satisfying. Family, animals and the planet are my most precious and motivating treasures.

Dreama Kattenbraker

5178 Blue Ridge Turnpike

Fincastle, VA  24090







Brett LaGue

BrettL_2016_sMy acrylic paintings capture fleeting images of landscapes, gardens, and highways—translating initial impressions from our everyday environment into simple scenes—with the goal of emotionally engaging the viewer. To me, we are not isolated particles but part of a greater whole, an experiential chorus that is being in the world.

Brett LaGue

220 Herndon Street

Fincastle, VA  24090


Email: brett@brett-art.com

Website: www.brett-art.com


Willie Simmons

WillieS_2016_webMy roots in Botetourt County go back for generations. My father was a woodworker and made many pieces of furniture for local residents. I have been turning for over twenty years, producing both architectural and functional pieces.  I want my work to be as useful as it is attractive.  I use local woods whenever possible.  I also am willing to use your own wood to create something you can cherish forever.  I am open by chance or appointment.

Willie Simmons

329 Botetourt Road

Fincastle, VA  24090


Email: wpsimmons@aol.com


Bill White


Bill White shows at the Market Gallery and LinDor Arts in Roanoke His 4 part Taubman Panorama is currently on display at the Taubman Museum of Art in the exhibition Friends and Neighbors until summer of 2017.

Bill White

5457 Mountain Pass Rd

Troutville, VA 24175


Email: wwhite5445@hotmail.com

Website: www.marketgalleryroanoke.com







Mark Rader Woodie
MarkW_2016_webI began working with the classical medium of etching in 1974.  My subjects ranged from an isolated seed or insect to a sweeping landscape, most drawn from the surrounding beauty of my native Botetourt County, Virginia.  My more recent works involve pencil and pastel drawings soon followed by acrylic painting.  The subjects mostly consist of beautiful landscapes still to be found in Botetourt County.  I feel that the pastel is my strongest medium, but I love the direct result one achieves from a simple pencil drawing… a fleeting moment, a sudden gesture.  My direct but delicate works have won me numerous awards and honors.  My work is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking and also have a Master of Arts and Liberal Studies degree from Hollins College.  I currently reside in Botetourt County near Trouville Virginia with my wife Leslie.  My work may be viewed by appointment.

 Mark Rader Woodie

149 Dale Road

Troutville, VA 24175


Email: Markwoodieart@aol.com




Lois Bisese

Jewelry Artisan working in fine silver/sterlingsilver/brass/copper

showing with Dreama Kattenbraker 


I live on my family’s farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my two daughters and husband of 17 years.  I have surrounded myself with art, color and gardens.  The beauty around me and joyfulness of life supply my inspiration in creating designs with metals that become wearable art.

Email: lbisese@yahoo.com

Dreama Kattenbraker

5178 Blue Ridge Turnpike

Fincastle, VA  24090



David Eakin

showing with Vera Dikerson


Painting—especially landscapes—enables me to view
and react to the world and the people around me.
Rearranging and composing the patterns and compositions I see
and sharing them has been a crucial part of my life for the past thirty years.

Experimenting with different media and using new techniques
enables me to explore the constantly changing visual world
that so often goes unseen–the light at a particular time of day,
the color of shadows extending across a field, trees that become figures.
At this point in my career, however, I am finding working in oils and gouache the most satisfying medium for capturing what I am trying to express in my work.

I know I have succeeded with a composition if I have learned something new
during the creative process. It is very important for me to participate
continually in classes and workshops as well as to interact with fellow artists
and other people who understand why art matters.

web: www.davideakin.com

Vera Dickerson

148 W. Arrowhead Court

Troutville, VA  24175



Julia Wesson

J. Breckinridge Vintage Designs

showing with Willie Simmons 


I recently started the vintage-inspired jewelry and accessory business, J. Breckinridge Vintage Designs  Together with friends and family, I up-cycle, repurpose, and hand craft jewelry, handbags, and home accessories reminiscent of nostalgic times and styles.

My mother, Jane Breckinridge, inspired my vintage sensibility. She couldn’t pass up a good estate sale or consignment shop, and joyfully wore vintage clothes and accessories from any time.

For Open Studios Botetourt, I will offer a new collection of casual Boho-inspired, yet modern jewelry pieces. Pieces feature leather, earthy stones, shells, freshwater pearls, carved animals, quartz crystals, and vintage buttons. Items will include leather-and-stone bracelets and collar necklaces, multi-strand longer necklaces and bracelets, cuff bracelets, plus a big selection of petite and chunky drop earrings to frame any face.

My objective with this collection is simply to bring joy and pleasure of accessories that spruce up any outfit, and lift the wearer’s mood. I will offer a selection of hand-decorated boxes, to add more fun for gift shoppers, too.

Email: wessonjulia@ymail.com

Website: breckinridgevintagedesigns.com


Willie Simmons

329 Botetourt Road

Fincastle, VA  24090


Gina Louthian-Stanley

showing with Bill White

GinaLS_2016b_webI guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.


Email: lougael@cox.net

Website: ginalouthian-stanley.blogspot.com

Bill White

5457 Mountain Pass Rd

Troutville, VA 24175











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