OSB announces our lineup of 2019 artists.

While planning for our 9th studio tour, Saturday, October 26 (10am-5pm) and Sunday, October 27 (11am-5pm), we are pleased to announce this years’ artists, both members and two special guests:

Linda Atkinson

Ed Bordett

Lois Bisese

Nancy Dahlstorm

Vera Dickerson

Amy Herzel

Dan Jones

Dreama Kattenbraker

Brett LaGue

Judith F Lochbrunner

Mary Anne Meador (Judith’s guest artist)

Robin Poteet (Vera’s guest artist)

Willie Simmons

More information about the 2019 tour coming soon!

Our 2018 artists list is here.

Open Studios – Botetourt is happy to invite you to meet, chat with, and purchase art directly from, our 2018 artists lineup!

2018 artists: Linda Atkinson, Lois Miller Bisese, Ed Bordett, Nancy Dahlstrom, Vera Dickerson, Dreama Kattenbraker, Brett LaGue, Judith F. Lochbrunner, Willie Simmons, Dan Jones and Mark Rader Woodie.

2018 guest artists: Courtney Cronin, Claudia de Franko and Mary Anne Meador.

Our 2018 Open Studios – Botetourt tour is coming this October.

Check in with us this July to start learning about our 2018 Open Studios – Botetourt tour. The Artists. Their guest artists. This year’s locations and so much more.

If you’ve visited us before on the tour, welcome back! If you’re new to the tour, we can’t wait to see you during the last weekend of October, 2018!

All signs are pointing to a great tour this weekend.

edsstudio_s 2016tour_sSigns are going up and so is the temperature. In what will surely be our warmest and most beautiful tour yet, it begins this Saturday, Oct. 29, at 10AM and goes until 5PM. It will continue on Sunday at 11AM and again go until 5PM.

Be sure to marvel at all the clean studios. We artists are by nature, mostly a messy lot. Although we take great pride in having studios with everything in order, they are truly rare sights to behold. Prepare to be amazed. The artwork is great to see, too!

From whimsical sculpture to fine jewelry, with wood turning, paintings, etching and drawings between, there will be art to match the budget and taste of almost everyone.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this year!